What are the Pro14 doing to coax broadcasters?

Published: 06.03.18 – 13:00 GMT

I’m sure you have noticed a distinct lack of televised games this season with the new Pro14 format. RugbyUlster has contacted the Pro14 and we asked them for a response to the situation that we find ourselves in. For the sake of the league we need to improve the Pro14 TV Coverage.

Photo of Camera

Pro14 TV Coverage

We must be clear that this isn’t an attack on the Pro14 leadership, as what league in the World wouldn’t want coverage? It’s more about their response to where we are with the broadcasters.

If you have a league and format that you are proud of why not let that passion shine through? You should actively promote and persuade as many folks as possible to back it.

Here’s what we sent them:

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